Pedemex was formed as a publishing agency by Pieter Schoonenberg in 1987 to handle the editorial and advertising business in Western and Eastern Europe for Gulf Publishing Company from Houston TX.

It covered four magazines and one catalogue:

  • World Oil; exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas
  • Pipeline Industry; design, construction and exploitation of Pipelines for oil and gas
  • Hydrocarbon Processing; design, building and exploitation of petrochemical & chemical plants
  • Composite Catalogue; buyers catalogue for the oil and gas industry consisting of some 4000 pages designed by the manufacturers and GPC

From 2004 until 2007 Pedemex represented Pipeline & Gas Journal in Germany, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe for editorial and advertising. This representation was terminated because of conflict of interest.

In 2002 Pedemex started publishing the former IPLOCA Directory as the IPLOCA Yearbook once a year and the IPLOCA Newsletter four times a year.

In 2003 Pedemex also started publishing the IRO Netherlands Oil & Gas Catalogue, a buyers export catalogue for the branch organization IRO (Dutch Suppliers in Oil & Gas Industry).